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Tail-Lift Safety

We do a range of vehicles from small Transit Connects all the way up to Luton vans with tail-lifts. A tail-lift van is really useful for getting heavy items on and off the vehicle and ideal for house moves and many other uses. However, they can be dangerous for both the user and bystanders.

Dangerous is a pretty strong word and only applies if you don’t know the risks and how to avoid them.

Make sure you are parked safely and visibly. The profile of the tail-lift is quite small and may be missed by passing vehicles. Bear this in mind when parking the vehicle.

Do not overload the tail-lift. Each vehicle is different but the weight limit will be on the tail-lift. If you are not sure then please contact us on 01227 772277.

Make sure that the footprint of the tail-lift is clear of people and objects. Lowering the tail-lift onto someone’s foot could cause serious harm. Raising the tail-lift when someone is partly or wholly on the tail-lift could cause serious harm. There are other examples but the general rule is only to operate the lift when you are certain it is clear.

Do not under any circumstances move the vehicle when the tail-lift is not in the fully secure up position. It must be fully raised to be secure. If you are not sure exactly what this means then please call us for assistance.

Make sure the vehicle is securely parked. Is the parking brake fully engaged? Are you parked on a flat surface?

Falling off of a tail-lift is possible if you do not use it correctly. Keep well away from the edge and be certain that anything on the tail-lift is fully secure. This is not a complete guide on keeping safe, be sure that you have thought through any risks and do not take chances. If you would like further assistance please call us on 01227 772277.

The tail-lift uses the vehicles battery. If you overuse it you may flatten the battery and be unable to start the vehicle. If you are using the tail-lift extensively then periodically start the vehicle to charge the battery. Important: It is illegal to leave a running vehicle unattended. If the vehicle is running then the named, insured driver must remain at the wheel.

This is not a complete safety guide. If you are unsure about anything, please ask.