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Tail-Lift Safety

Ensuring Safety with Tail-Lifts on Luton Vans

When utilising the tail-lift on your hire van, your safety, along with the safety of others, is paramount. Before you depart, we urge you to familiarise yourself with the tail-lift’s operation. We will give instructions on its use and main safety factors before you leave.
Understanding Your Tail-Lift.
Tail-lifts can vary slightly between manufacturers, but the fundamental operation principles are consistent. It is crucial that you receive specific instructions for the tail-lift you will be using and fully understand these directions. It may be different from the ones you have used before and we will give instructions before you leave.
Load Capacity
Always check the tail-lift’s safe working load, which is displayed on the unit, before use. Most 3.5-ton vans are equipped with lifts that can handle around 250 Kg. Remember, if you stand on the lift with the load, your weight should be added.
Safety Precautions.
Safety should always be a top priority:
Ensure both the vehicle and lift are level and that the surrounding area is clear and secure. This means checking for solid ground and ensuring there are no children, pets, other vehicles, or bystanders who could be harmed.
Weather conditions like rain, ice, or snow can make the lift platform slippery. Choose footwear that provides both grip and protection.
Common Risks and How to Avoid Them.
Trips and Falls: Avoid standing too close to the edges of the lift platform. Maintain a safe gap from any edge.
Falling Objects: Never jump off a raised platform and be aware of the potential for objects to fall from the lift, which could cause injury.
Crushing Injuries: Be cautious when lowering the platform. Remember, a loaded platform will continue descending until obstructed.
When the tail-lift is down, the view to other vehicles will be very limited, they will only be able to see the very thin profile of the tail-lift and may not see it at all. With this in mind make sure you part it in a sensible location.
Make sure the tail-lift is in its fully up and secured position before driving. If this is not done correctly it could fall. We will cover this before you leave.
Proper Loading: When loading the van, ensure all items are securely fastened to prevent shifting during transit. After travel, be cautious when opening the rear door in case the load has moved.
Vehicle Security: Never leave the keys in the ignition of an unattended vehicle. Not only is this a security risk, but it also voids insurance coverage. If the vehicle needs to be left running to charge the battery, do so while attended, preferably with the driver inside the vehicle taking a break.
Battery Usage
The tail-lift operates on the vehicle’s battery. Extended use can deplete the battery, potentially preventing the vehicle from starting later. To avoid this, you may need to periodically start the engine to recharge the battery. Once again, make sure the vehicle is supervised correctly whilst running.
By following these guidelines, you can ensure a safer use of tail-lifts and prevent common accidents and injuries. Always prioritise safety and when in doubt, give us a call on 01227 772277.