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Pre-Hire Vehicle Checks at Hire One Van Hire Whitstable

Hello everyone! 👋
Here at Hire One Van Hire, we take your safety and satisfaction seriously. Before each and every hire, our expert team meticulously goes through a comprehensive list of checks to ensure that our vans are in top-notch condition. 🧐
Here are some of the key checks we perform:
1️⃣ Tyre Pressures & Tyre Wear: Ensuring you’ve got the right traction on the road.
2️⃣ Oil Level: Keeping your engine running smoothly throughout your journey.
3️⃣ Coolant Level: To prevent overheating and keep the engine cool.
4️⃣ Screen Wash Level: Providing clear visibility for safe driving.
5️⃣ All Lights: Checking headlights, tail lights, and indicators for optimal visibility and communication on the road.
6️⃣ Bodywork: Inspect for any damage or issues that might affect your ride.
7️⃣ General Wear & Tear: To ensure the van is comfortable and reliable for your journey.
Our mission is to offer you a van that isn’t just fit for purpose, but the best it can possibly be. We want your experience with us to be not just good, but outstanding. Your journey matters to us, and this is our way of showing it. 🚐💨
Remember, at Hire One Van Hire, your satisfaction drives us. 😊🚚